Mac amber lights eyeshadow dupe

Another MAC Dupe: Amber Lights Eyeshadow

This particular shade has high sheen and it maintains the pearlescent shine through out the wear time.. On me, this lasts for around 8 hours very easily as I have dry lids. I can see some creasing after the 6th hour , but nothing major. The ever there sheen make up for it. Before you jump in excitement telling me I already have similar shades, here is a swatch comparing this with two bronze-gold shades I have.


Copper crush is way more orange-y and half baked is less peachy. Half baked looks more yellow on the eyes so pearl is more wearable IMO.

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Pigmentation is awesome. One swirl across the pan is enough to fill one lid. I have used it all over my lid in the below EOTD. You can use it as a highlighter for the inner corner and also with any bright or dark shade you want. This looks beautiful with deep blue, green for an intense look however my favorite is brown on the crease and outer V with this one on the lid. My Recommendation: Definitely yes. This is one must have shade for our Indian skin tone.

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It is the most beautiful copper shade for fall and I still love it. Finding affordable dupes for high end makeup makes me very happy, so I have decided to continue this little series and share another another perfect twin for an expensive product! Milani Bella Copper. It is slightly darker and just a tad more sparkly, but it is hardly noticeable when on the eyes. I like each of these eyeshadows equally and think they look almost identical.

They are each super pigmented and long-wearing.

Eye Shadow

They may seem like a terrifyingly orange shade in the picture above, but I promise you that they are actually very wearable when applied on the eyelid. They really bring out blue eyes, but also look amazing on any color! Overall, I think that both of these eyeshadows are great! I actually prefer that Bella Copper has more sparkle to it than Amber Lights since I love shimmery shades. I am really impressed with the formula and I think you will be too! I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it has been helpful to you! Are there any products you have discovered dupes for? Thanks so much for reading!

A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well.

Find cheaper makeup dupes for high-end shades with side-by-side Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow How similar is Bella Copper (23) to Amber Lights?. MAC Amber Lights is a warm copper with a frost finish that is permanent and retails for $ and contains oz.

Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Amber Lights was my first MAC eyeshadow as well!

And that dupe looks so beautiful as well! In my experience sadly, I have found that the Bella eyeshadows can shatter really easily be careful girlfriend! I have a bad reputation for dropping makeup! The formula feels so light! Like nothing!

Great dupe and really great colours! I actually think I slightly prefer the look of the Milani one! Misia xx gowashyourface. Milani had some great shadows!

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