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It is a popular option for many as it enables users to work on documents from wherever they are logged into their Google account. It is also a good choice for businesses as it offers a collaborative tool, which means multiple users are able to work on a shared document and can identify changes made to the document in real time.

Due to its cloud-based function, Google Docs saves changes automatically as you type so there is never any worry of forgetting to save your work if the network fails. FreeOffice provides a complete suite of office software, complete with word processor.

It includes all the essentials, and the TextMaker interface is designed to easily create interactive documents with fields and bookmarks that can be saved as PDFs.

Downloadable Microsoft Word Alternatives

It also includes graphics and drawing features, as well as automatic spell-check in 58 languages. The NeoOffice Viewer is free to download but does not include the option to save files.

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These are some of the best word processors for Apple Mac users. Pages is available for free as part of Apple's iWork software suite. What's the best word processor for macOS? Whether you're a professional writer who needs software to create your novel, screenplay, LibreOffice is a free office suite which has many of the features of Microsoft's offering.

It supports Microsoft Word formats as it enables users to save all documents as Word files or import or edit Word documents from Pages. Pages offer real-time collaboration for all files saved in iCloud or Box.

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This allows colleagues and team members to work together in the same document, with edits shown in real-time. It is a modern text processor that delivers fast and robust text processing for different text formats. Nevron Writer appears the same on Mac and Windows, no matter where the changes have been made. Apache OpenOffice provides a free word processor feature, called Writer, for tasks from taking notes to long documents, diagrams and more. Like proprietary versions, it has a built-in AutoCorrect dictionary for quickly identifying and correcting mistakes as you type.

OpenOffice Writer also supports. It has full support for. LibreOffice Writer also supports over languages. There are two versions of LibreOffice Writer, which include similar feature interfaces as Microsoft Word. It also includes wizards which allow you to set up templates for document types such as letters, memos and more. Both LibreOffice Writer versions support various file formats and can also export documents to PDF format without the need to install additional software.

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The latest version for Mac, Scrivener 2. Add any command to the toolbar. Add any command to your MacBook's Touch Bar. Features that run deep, honed by our decades of experience with text processing on the Mac. Approachable find and replace.

Best Word Processing Software

Cross-reference and link text using bookmarks. Drawing tools wrap text around images, text boxes, and other shapes. Automate your workflows using extensive macros. And so much more! See the full feature tour below for more details.

Is There a Free Word Processor Program for the MacBook Pro?

If you'd like to know more about our extensive features please start the feature tour to travel through all topics, or choose from individual topics below:. The free demo is fully functional for 15 separate non-consecutive days. The demo has no limitations, however a demo watermark will appear on the last page of any printouts and PDFs. If you decide to purchase no additional downloads are needed, a license key unlocks the demo.

Personalized Support. Email our free and friendly customer support at any time. The first writing app for Mac users, and its ability to cater the most needs of Mac users makes this app at our spot number 8.


Feel free to list other word processing apps you can recommend in the comments. No Spam, We Promise! In the rush to include word processors that are not, for example markdown editors and blogging tools, you have left out a mature staple in the academic world, Mellel, a superbly versatile program that is also multi-language capable including Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew.

I have used it for academic papers, and several academic and nonacademic book length projects. Other features include palette or keyboard based styles controls addressing character, paragraph, list, section, page and table management. While it is possible to simply start a new blanks document and begin typing or dictating I routinely use it with Dragon , Mellel comes with more than 35 document templates, ranging from envelopes to scripts, including a variety of journal article formats.

Users can also create their own templates with as little or as much detail as desired. The program also allows multiuser editing with change tracking and annotations. Academic pricing is available from the company website store. A fully featured 30 day trial download is available. The trial version unfortunately watermarks output. As an authorised developer, no tricks are required to open the Mellel installer. I have used Mellel since , and remain a very happy customer.

Mellel has produced regular and well conceived updates since its introduction in I have never experienced an update to repair a previous update, a problem that seems to haunt smaller companies, nor have I ever been unable to use the program because of OS updates. They charges only for major updates.

2. LibreOffice

Share this Slideshow. Publish books directly to Apple Books for download or purchase. For example, if a user wanted to send one letter to three people, mail merge allowed the user to create a single document with placeholder fields that were populated when printing. There are handy features like Smart Look Up, which allows users to select a word or phrase in a document and access information about the term from the web. Apache OpenOffice provides a free word processor feature, called Writer, for tasks from taking notes to long documents, diagrams and more. Pages is a word processor and page layout application.