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Logic Pro X

It runs on JACK, an underlying sound server that facilitates low-latency audio recording and communication among various programs. Although Ardour itself only runs on Mac OS and Linux at present, a Windows port has been conceptualized, and efforts towards building one are in full swing as of June , and JACK is already a true cross-platform utility that runs on the aforementioned systems as well as Windows. Ardour is complex and certainly not for newbies. While not as heavyweight as its counterparts, Jokosher takes a lot of the guesswork out of the recording process for people who are new to it.

Startup is fast, easy and straightforward. But for musicians and podcasters who want to record simple products and get a first taste of manipulating tracks in a DAW, this simple program is hard to beat. There are plenty of lower-cost DAWs and a wealth of free and inexpensive plug-ins that bring professional studio sound right to your computer.

Even though Pro Tools is the premier name in the industry, there is really no special voodoo under the hood. It is simply a graphical user interface that lets you move some bits and thus sounds around inside your computer. There is no difference in the way Pro Tools sounds and the way any of its competitors sound, period. So you can comfortably make a foray into saving money by purchasing one of the many alternatives to Pro Tools —none of which will cause even your fans to hear a difference.

The German-engineered application is perhaps the Mercedes-Benz of DAWs, offering pioneering technology and reliable performance.

In both cases, the quality of these programs is very high and both will work with a wide assortment of audio hardware. All the features are there: real-time recording and editing, unlimited track count, VST and DX plug-in support, and more. It contains everything you need to produce music and seems very intuitive and easy to use. A lot of my producer and engineer friends use it, and they swear by it, citing its ease of use, sound quality, and simplicity with production.

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There is nothing wrong with using Pro Tools, of course. All of the above are solid apps with unique feature sets and strengths, dedicated fan bases, and active support and development teams. Try them out and decide which combination of user experience and specific features works best for you. Parts of this post were contributed by Daniel Kimbrel and Jessica Josh. If you would like to submit a guest post, check out the guidelines here. Daniel is a movie buff and freelance writer. He contributes to a number of music sites online. Jessica Josh is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.

Since she has been writing about weddings, fashion, and music. I help musicians and producers make a greater impact with their music by teaching them how to produce and engineer themselves.

How to choose your production software

As the No. However, a Mac will almost certainly be the more expensive option. OK, so you foresake portability but go for the biggest screen you can. It is however only compatible with Windows OS. The interactive tutorials contained within the package helps you setup and get up and running within no time. Why We Liked It - Here are some of the top reasons why we liked this particular product — its multi-track audio recording, real-time stretching, and advanced wrapping, already included sound libraries and original sounds of 50 GB.

Pro-Tools is not going to make your music sound any better. Is it going to make the sound of your pre-amps any better? And if you feed it garbage it will give you trash. Learn to clean up your low-end, reduce bleed in your drums and eliminate annoying resonant frequencies from your recordings. Get rid of muddiness in your low-mids, tame the harshness in your mix, and get rid of your boxy sounding drums. Learn where to add presence to your vocals, brilliance to your acoustic guitars, thickness to your keyboards or weight to your bass.

These tips are broken down by instrument and help you fix your frequency problems with simple solutions that you can use right away. Garageband Available for Mac OS only Garageband comes free with any Mac computer and is pretty legit for most recording needs. Through its amazing console, you can easily finish your songs in no time.

With its intuitive flow and sound bank, Reason put your creative ideas right into audios. The reason is the software, which can put musicians right where they belong — into their music! Why We Liked It - This software comes with numerous effects and instruments. It has a studio-grade mixing console, which helps you create music like pros. With this feature, you and people around you will be amazed of your work.

Sony Acid Pro 7 is truly a masterpiece from Sony. It is a powerful digital audio workstation, which is considered to be one of the best in the market. It comes with features like multi-track mixing and home recording, legendary loop manipulation and comprehensive MIDI sequencing for super music creation.

Best Free Recording Software

The interactive tutorials contained within the package helps you setup and get up and running within no time. These tutorials are a good choice for both beginners and expert. Some of the major highlights of this software are MIDI track freeze, dedicated mixing console, tempo curves, input busses, and a great format support. Acid Pro 7 is not a resource hungry software, which means that it can run on almost any average computer.

It supports every Windows operating system from Windows Vista onwards. For installation, you only require MB of free hard disk space and to run the software you need a recommended of 2 GB ram. Why We Liked It - There are many reasons why we like this particular product. Firstly, the fact that it can easily run on any PC along with low running requirements is what makes this product our favorite. Then we have things like perfect MIDI sequencing, track freeze mixing console and others that contribute to our liking.

The Complete DAW Audio Recording Studio Buying Guide

The new mixing console has entirely changed the overall look of the software, which of course looks great. It is also very user-friendly and you are bound to learn a new trick or two every time you put your hands on it. Some of the major highlights of this product are chord track with chord assistance, high-tech vari audio, a variety of instruments and more.

Why We Liked It - There is a lot to love about this product. We especially like its new and improved interface, a variety of different sounding instruments and hosts of other improvements. PreSonus Studio One 3 is one of that music software that is easy to learn and setup.

It is one of the best choices for someone who wants to spend some quality time producing amazing music. From setting up, recording, dialing in sounds, sonic experimentation to mixing, this great software has got it all.

Free vs Paid DAW’s

Studio One 3, keeps musicians inspired and focus on their work all the time. This helps in bringing out your creativity and helping you to create some beautiful tunes and music. The software has an easy to use, drag and drop style user interface, which makes recording and editing for audio productions rather fun. With version 3, it is now possible to make use of a vast variety of virtual instruments, easily find backing tracks, sequencing and more.

Professional Music Recording Programs

All these modern features, enable PreSonus Studio One 3 to record sound easier and faster than ever before. Why We Liked It - The all new updates browser lets you search, find effects, tempos, presets and more easily.

Quicklook: Best Recording Software

Looking for the best Mac music-production software? The included Amp simulators make recording guitars (both six-string and bass) very. Some say its all about the musician and that the recording software doesn't The ever-popular debate of Mac or PC for music production will.

This software has some of the most advanced editing tools like groove extraction, step recording, multitrack comping, and event-based effects. It has a unique single-window work environment with easy to use drag and drop option. Cakewalk by Sonar is more than just a modern DAW, it is, in fact, one of the most advanced, and top-notch industry standard music software available in the market today. Cakewalk Sonar is a top DAW and comes with a membership option, which enables the user to download an unlimited number of updates and support. This includes improvements, new features, fixes, tutorials and more.

The update and support are extremely easy through cakewalk command center. This means that you can concentrate on what matters the most, that is making quality music. Cakewalk Sonar comes with new, improved and advanced features that are a great fit for any musician, regardless the level of expertise. Some of the main highlights of this industry standard software are ProChannel Module, mix recall, acoustic guitar presets, addictive drums, vocal sync, audio snap and more.

All these features in Sonar Platinum actually make sure that you have the flexibility to create some great, pleasing music. Why We Liked It - The single window interface with drag and drop support, analog strip, addictive drumming sounds, a variety of virtual instruments, and the best in town vocal alignment known as VocalSync.

Studio One 3 Professional is a special musical software that is built by creative people for creative people. The software has almost everything that lets you create super music.

The best free recording software

Some of the highlights of this great software are - production and songwriting tools that put you in charge of your thoughts, drag and drop, fast interface, awesome 64 bit sound quality and amazing ease of use. All these features make Studio One 3 Professional, a favorite musical companion of both inspiring and professional musicians. It is also one of the most widely used musical software in the world.

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Its iPad control gives more control while mixing and a platform with multi-touch support provides ease of use.