Install oracle 11g on mac using virtualbox

Oracle_Linux OS on Oracle VirtualBox on my Mac OS X

Sort Posts by Likes. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dec 14, 8 1 India. This so-called "Oracle Linux6. Now, The confusion lies as follows: a.

Linux VM Installation

Terminal of the Guest OS i. Terminal of Oracle Linux 6. In the Linux Terminal, I type May 3, 63, 30, Boston. I think your VM needs a static IP address. The VM is just another computer, so you need to define how OS X can find it, which is done via the tnsnames. You can access the DB from Linux, because that's where you installed it and it setup a default tnsnames. I use Oracle databases for work, and if a computer does not have tnsnames.

Type tnsping in linux terminal and see what it states, then do the same in OS X's terminal. I guess I hadn't had my coffee in the morning Sorry for spinning your wheels Type tnsping in the linux termini as I stated and that will show you the connection information if any. I believe the DB comes preinstalled with the VM, but read the release notes to be sure. Jul 7, In the Nexus. On the OS which has the database software installed, run the following command: Code:. Last edited: Mar 8, Apr 8, 1 Somerville, MA. Oracle Linux is just another Linux distro, but optimized for high-performance enterprise environments.

It's probably overkill if you're running it on consumer hardware and in a virtual machine. Go to the Oracle web site, download Oracle 12c, and choose "Linux x64" as your operating system. SlCKB0Y macrumors Feb 25, 3, Sydney, Australia. SlCKB0Y said:.

How to Install VirtualBox on Mac OS X

Oracle adding a few kernel patches whilst parasitically ripping off the rest of the Red Hat codebase and giving almost nothing back is not something to be celebrated. Only someone with a pro-Oracle agenda or bias or someone who knows very little about FOSS would make a claim like that with a straight face. Pure window dressing. Which category do you fall under? Screen Shot at The Virtual Box Guest additions don't have to be downloaded.

Underneath it, is a submenu named Sundry which has an option for Firewall. When I open it up I get a message: Trying to connect to firewalld, waiting…. Before I go down that path, I thought I would ask you if that is what you recommend or maybe I missed something.

VirtualBox, Oracle 12c and Macs

Also, I noticed on my virtual machine the command ipconfig is not installed. Any thoughts on that? Hi John, Glad you like the article. Thanks for the question. Yeah it looks like a recent version has come out since writing this. They may be able to advise what the issue is or at least advise what else you can try. Thanks, Ben.

Hi, You need to start the firewall using the terminal. I suspect Step 5 may make things better but my question is in regards to the safety of it.

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This is a little new to me so I have some questions. Does opening ports expose my Mac to security issues, is this port only open when VirtualBox is running? Is there a way to make this more secure for peace of mind? I think you can update it either way — the version on the VM or the version on the Mac.

Dare to Code Installing Oracle XE on Virtual Box and Accessing it on Mac OS X Yosemite

Hi George, Thanks, glad you like the article! Networks and ports is not a strong point for me.

What are the specifications of your Mac? Nice article! Helped me a lot. Needs to be updated to the current version of the VM and some extra screenshots would be nice. Also, the port forwarding was already set up in the VM, so no need to actually do this step, but nice to have it document in case it gets deleted. Thanks for posting! Good times! Glad you found it useful! Great article Ben. Just needs a couple of updates to align with latest version of VM.

Please make sure that the service has started correctly and try again. Anyway, just wanted to say I really appreciate you taking the time to do this! The issue was with the VirtualBox version. Installed Version 5. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ben Brumm DatabaseStar. Three pages of SQL commands - print it or use it as a quick reference. Your privacy is protected.

To get set up with Oracle on your Mac, the general process is: Get a program that runs virtual machines VirtualBox Get a pre-configured virtual machine Install the virtual machine file Set up the network settings so your Mac can connect to the Oracle database inside the virtual machine Test Start writing SQL on your Mac! At least 15GB of free space 2GHz processor a lesser processor will be acceptable but slower.

Mozilla Firefox 2. Ben on April 1, at am. Shweta on October 7, at am. Step 5: make visible on mac host Not able to do please explain Step 6: Setup port forwarding On testing sql getting error please help me. Dipika Sharma on April 14, at am. When trying to test the database, I am getting this error. Ben on April 19, at am.

Yonas on April 14, at pm. Any thing I can do to resolve it? Thanks Reply. Matt on May 13, at am.

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I don't believe Oracle If you want to run Oracle, I believe you'd need to run it inside a virtual machine that would itself be running, presumably, either linux or Windows. May god bless you. Hi, Thanks for sharing with us. In the Network Connections screen select "System eth1" interface, this will be used for private network, then press "Edit".

Ben on May 18, at pm. Ben Reply. Digitalman42 on June 12, at pm. Mike on August 29, at am. John on May 14, at pm. Hi Ben, Thanks so much for this article. It is great help. Thanks again.

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This has been a great start for me.