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Questa guida descrive esclusivamente gli step per la configurazione delle email sul tuo dispositivo. Sulla schermata Home del tuo dispositivo clicca su Impostazioni. Clicca su Avanti. Per il corretto funzionamento del tuo account assicurati che durante la scelta delle applicazioni la voce Mail sia selezionata, poi clicca su Salva. Configurare un account Email Pro su un iPhone o un iPad. Configurare un account Exchange su un iPhone o un iPad. A partire da: Diventa internazionale! Visualizza l'offerta. Hosting Web e di siti Web Hosting semplice e potente per il tuo sito. Hosting Web Plesk Soluzione chiavi in mano per i professionisti.

Siti Web, database, email, sicurezza Soluzioni Email Email condivisa e caselle email. Load Balancer Bilancia il tuo traffico!

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Scopri l'IP Load Balancer. Also strongly in favor of building out Thunderbird support. Otherwise, managing multiple email accounts quickly becomes a tab-hopping pain. The one thing preventing me from migrating to ProtonMail entirely and upgrading to a paid account is the lack of support! I need to be able to access multiple accounts from one interface and there does not seem to be a better way to do this. There are far better options out there for consumers, of which do not violate personal privacy.

Your service is predicated upon privacy and security. So please respond in kind by permitting that same option when it comes to our choice of application download. I really hope you fix SPAM filtering before spending time making a secure mail option less secure. I would really like to know I have email on my phone as it arrives, rather than having to login in and check like the very old days…. But I think Protonmail should offer this feature for those who need or simply like it. May it be at our own risk. Make it an option.

You use it if you want to. I have mail account on at least three other email providers, and it is unpleasant to go from one place to the other to check mails. I hope Protonmail gives us this feature soon.

I prefer to have the webmail interface upgraded to resemble wherever possible the features offered by Gmail, with ProtonMail privacy and security standards. Please contact us on contact protonmail. In fact i can barely keep up with all the keys. Im not expert, but it seems imap would ruin the security here.

But i would really love some sort of thunderbird integration. I wouldnt mind at all putting in 1 or 2 passwords each time to have thunderbird integration, but it would be great to just be able to put in my mailbox password on a day to day basis, from my home computer, from inside of thunderbird or a browser for that matter. Thanks again for everything you guys have done for the world, Proton mail is truly revolutionary, in its inventiveness and ease of use, as well as its uncompromising security. Another user needing local access via pop3.

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Currently, versions for macOS and Windows are available at the ProtonMail Bridge homepage, along with frequently asked questions and detailed setup. You can also verify your Web Mail Cloud email address by selecting Preferences > Basics, and checking the Account name under Mail server settings.

What about implementing an API? So access using self written web applications would be possible. Would like to integrate a php script to at least send e-mails. Reading mails by script is not that important at the moment.

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IMAP-version would be useful for those who do use an e-mail software on their personal computer, or a specific app could be developed to be used on personal computers. As previously stated in a private email, the biggest problem with the app approach is you need to get it from the Google Play Store and the fact it requires the Google Play Services to run.

In other words, you need to have the spymaster himself running your device in order to use your app. Google Play services are required for the notifications to work. We are looking into other solutions for this. This is a bit late reply, but just to say that I run the Android App in LineageOS and apart from notifications and the msg saying it needs google services just ignore it it all runs ok. You only see your mail when you open the app, but that is fine with me. I would like to see something equivalent to what Countermail people have done i.

I vote for pop3 and IMAP support. ProtonMail needs this to effectively expand its user base. Any official update on this? Really want to use my ProtonMail service with all the awesome new features of the iOS mail app! If you are trying to setup your ProtonMail Beta account with an email you already use, you will be asked for account details. Unfortunately at this time, ProtonMail does not integrate with third party email clients.

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We are working on a solution that will allow you to use ProtonMail with other email clients in the future. So my question is: When we release the solution for third party applications, it should work on most used applications including Outlook.

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I would pay for your services, provided that you have this feature beeing able to import my generated PGP key and filters. Thanks Protonmail support for your response. Hi Scott, Thank you for your support. We are currently developing this feature. Hopefully it will be released by the end of this year. Unfortunately, we do not have fixed date.

I use Thunderbird, so an add-on there would do the job for me along with the mobile app. Also, fair point about apk package as opposed to gg play.

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So, as we already have mobile apps, we need apps for computers. Do it, please.

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I just opened a Free account it Proton mail. I am planning to use it for test period and then upgrade.

Thank you for the great service so far.. Hi it is vital to me that I can access my mails with Thunderbird and my Blackberry. I understand that you have to put great effort in providing this service but unless I can use protonmail with my devices it is not suitable for me or the other way round ;- But thanks anyway for providing such a safe service.

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We are working on adding this feature, but we do not have an exact date when this will be available. I love ProtonMail. Email is just too important to your security or privacy to use a free service that turns you into datamine. However, there are cases when offline use is key. Take for example those who live, travel or work in countries where there are oppressive Internet controls, like Iran or China.

In these places Internet access can be unreliable because state actors are constantly meddling with people connections and interrupting the VPNs they may be forced to use. Of course, support through a standard protocol would be a huge bonus. Would llove to hear of any updates regarding this specific matter.


Agree with ulrich, this is necessary for business! After a month of repeated hacking. I managed to get both the password and the recovery email wrong.