Mac pro early 2008 ssd install


Pics 4 to 8 show the rest of the process.

SSD for early 2008 MacBook?

Cheers, Oliver 1. The front fan assembly has be removed, which is attached by two screws.

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The pic below shows where the first screw would be. The CPU heat sink cover has to be removed.

Contrary to the previous Mac Pro, the heat sink cover can be simply pulled off, as it is fixed with magnets no need to loosen the RAM compartment as with the earlier Mac Pro. This is the second screw fixing the front fan assembly to the case. Also clearly visible is one of the magnets.

OWC SSD Upgrade Kits For Mac Pro

When the screw is removed, the fan assembly can be simply pulled out hardly any force necessary, much unlike the previous Mac Pro IME. There's enough space to fit a SATA cable in there.

Typically these PCIe cards use a generic driver provider by Apple in their firmware and operating system and you do not need to install a Mac driver. I did find this thread https: It does come with a Windows driver so as long as you install the driver in to Windows before connecting the drive to this card Boot Camp would work.


As the SSD installation options available vary depending on the Mac Pro model, . For the original and "Early " Mac Pro models (A), you will need to. Ive recently bought a SSD for my mac pro early . You would need to install the Windows driver for whichever SATA III card you use.

However it seems that contrary to some information I had seen this card needs an additional power cable, this could be taken from the normally spare optical drive bay or if one of the PCIe aux-power leads is unused that could be used. In view of the above I would personally use a different brand that does not need a power lead. This might cost more but would be the way I would go. See this https: These specifically state they will work as Mac boot drives. What real speed does your SSD drive claim? Mar 16, 3: It claims read of and write of MBs.

How to Install SSD in a MacPro - Kingston Technology

Mar 16, 4: I had a quick look and it seems currently the ones listed are actually more expensive than Apricorn's own website. The best price I found was on Amazon. Mar 16, 7: So you would get 70 percent of the best case transfer times for read, 85 percent of the best case transfer times for write. I looked at the full amazon description, and it states that the Mac Pro will not boot reliably from the card even though it's EFI Should I be worried about that?

It says it's not supported, though it should work most likely??? Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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