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Q Can I help by bruteforcing my key? If your infection talked to a server, only the server has the key, and I do not have any way to guess how it is generating the key. Pretty sure the heatdeath of the universe will arrive before you guess that, even if I could code a GPU to do the Salsa20 rounds. There are no other known attacks against Salsa20 with the full 20 rounds. Trust me, if bruteforcing was the way, I'd have recovered everyone's keys by now.

Q What's this "offline key", and how do I get my key? A: The decrypter likely told you explicitly that it could not decrypt the file due to not having a key for the file's ID. However, I just realized a bug where the decrypter fails to "clean up after itself". I basically make a copy of the file to work on, but forgot to delete it if it turns out the decrypter has no key for it.

This is fixed in v2.

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So if you changed your "picture. Do not tamper with the encrypted files. NativeMethods caused an exception" errors. A: You have either an outdated or corrupted.

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NET Framework install. NET Framework 4. A: You likely need to run the decrypter as Administrator so it has permissions to read files. Q When will I be able to decrypt my files? Do you have my key yet?

Do ya, do ya? I'll pay you!!! Just stop.

I cannot guarantee I will be able to decrypt anyone's files, unless you were encrypted by the offline key. I'm seriously trying, but that's just not how things work. If you have sent me the requested information as laid out in the first post of the topic and my other posts, then there is nothing further you can do for now.

Q But I need my data naow!!! Then my opinion is the data must have not really been that important to you as you say it is. You figured out how to download a Torrent or some other illegal software, you can figure out how to take 10 minutes to back your data up to a flash drive or cloud service.

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There is no excuse for not having backups in now. Q How do I know if I was infected with an offline key? Some victims may have both due to the malware running multiple times, so it's honestly worth trying to decrypt some files, as some may be encrypted by the offline key, and others with an online key. Q kNN is not answering my replies!

A: The user kNN is no longer helping victims at this time to my knowledge. He has been very helpful to those he helped in the past, and in collaborating with me on some findings we were sharing while analyzing the malware. He seems to no longer be involved, and I am basically the sole person helping victims of this ransomware right now. We were both basically on the same page on what we were trying to do to help, so he doesn't have any magic that I don't to my knowledge.

I don't have the time to explain this whole page to everyone, thus the point of an FAQ. I am constantly working on this malware, and have dedicated hundreds of hours to analysis and helping victims of it Give me time. Q If a solution is found in the future, will I be able to decrypt using another computer, or if I formatted the hard drive?

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Any future solution would not require any additional info from the computer, and would be able to be decrypted from another computer. Immediately after connecting the customer to the point. Access command airbase-ng launches an attack type of Caffe Latte. Now execute airodump-ng and start collecting packages from a false point. Run the command aircrack-ng , just as you did before to begin the process of breaking the WEP key. To do this, in a terminal window, type the command aircrack-ng filename, where filename is the name of the file created command airodump-ng.

Before you begin an exercise, you need to turn on the point. Leave such a configuration, in order to prove that the attack on the connection between the client and the point. After turning point. Access is working properly.

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Now connect the client to the point. Access and check the connection by using the command airodump-ng. Run aireplay-ng , through which you perform an attack on the connection between the client and point.

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The customer is disconnected from the point. As you can see, even if WEP encryption is possible to carry out an attack involving the cancellation of client authentication, and disconnection from the point. To be convinced of this now, change the configuration of points. Connect the client to the point. Access and make sure that the connection is working properly. Then, run the command aireplay-ng , whereby again you perform an attack on the connection between the client and point.

Using the command airbase-ng , create a point. The only change is that instead of the -L option, use N, which triggers an attack type Hirte. Open a separate terminal window and run it with the command airodump-ng , whose task will be to capture packets Wireless Network Lab point.

Access Honeypot. The command airodump-ng will start to monitor network traffic and saving captured packets to a file Hirte When a client connects to a substituted item. Now, run aircrack-ng, as an attack-type Caffe Latte, which after capturing and processing the appropriate number of packages to break WEP encryption key.

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Breaking WPA without the presence of point. First, create a substituted item. Then, start new terminal window command airodump-ng , whose task will be to capture packets on the network. Now, when a customer seeking connection to connect to the point.

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Access will begin the process of negotiating a four-authentication, which, however, is interrupted after sending the second message of the negotiations, as we described earlier - but at this stage we already capture all packets necessary to carry out the attack. Now, run aircrack-ng using to attack the same dictionary file as before. After a time the password is cracked PSK if used were in the dictionary.