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Grant of Patent License. Submission of Contributions. Disclaimer of Warranty. Limitation of Liability. Accepting Warranty or Additional Liability. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. You may obtain a copy of the License at. Subsetting: Subsetting reduces the number of glyphs in the font to make a smaller file. If the font supports a particular language, it will appear in the menu. Even if that means we send you elsewhere to get them Font Squirrel relies on advertising in order to keep bringing you great new free fonts and to keep making improvements to the web font generator.

Munky is a simple beast with a slight retro twist. Some of the serifs are straight while others are more curvacious. Download here: Munky Font Download. Bw Glenn Slab is a confident and robust font family with a sturdy feel offering no concessions for ambiguity. Promesh is free slab font that has been designed with a distressed mesh appearnace, similiar to those used on school basketball jerseys from years gone by. Includes Regular and Stitch variants.

Designed by by Paul Reis. Download here: Promesh Athletic Font. LunchBox Slab is the pair of LunchBox, a uniquely hand-drawn typeface that gives numerous customizable options and a fully authentic look. Download here: Lunchbox Slab Regular Download. Carton is a slab-serif that has been inspired by letterpress printing.

Designed by Nick McCosker.

Download here: Carton Slab Serif. A fresh, eccentric and stylish display font filled with a mixture of sans serif and slab. Download here: Zenzero Grotesk Typeface Download.

Download here: Weston Rounded Slab Serif. Chunk is an ultra-bold slab serif typeface that has been inspired by old American Western-style newspaper headlines. Created by The League of Moveable Type. Download here: Chunk Slab Serif. Download here: Choplin Slab Serif. Download here: Nexa Rust Slab Serif. Created by Joe Prince. Download here: Klinic Slab Serif.

Aleo is a contemporary free font that has been created as the slab serif companion to the Lato font family. Created by Alessio Laiso. Download here: Aleo Slab Serif. Download here: Twentytwelve Slab.

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TheSansB2 ExtraLightTheSans B2 ExtraLightTheSans B2 ExtraLight TheSans-B2ExtraLight. Download Open Sans Font Family · Free for commercial use · Includes Open Sans Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold, Light-italic, Italic, Semibold-italic, .

Airbag is a slab serif font with a modern appearance. Only includes Uppercase. Designed by Simon Stratford. Download here: Airbag Slab Serif. Download here: Lumberjack Free Font.

Ansley is Slab Serif typeface that has been inspired by retro design. Created by Kady Jesko. Download here: Ansley Display. Download here: Korneuburg Slab. Inspired by typewriter-style fonts, Monospaced fonts use a single set width for all letters, numbers and glyphs, making them highly legible, and thus perfect for writing code.

As well as the selection of free monospaced fonts below, we have also published a specialized collection of free monospaced programming and coding fonts you may also like to explore. Monoid is a customizable monospaced font that has been optimized for coding. Packaged with Regular, Bold, Oblique and Retina variants.

Created by Andreas Larsen.

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Download here: Monoid. Download here: Ahamono.

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FiraCode is a beautiful monospaced font with programming ligatures. Designed by Nikita Prokopov.

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Download here: FiraCode. Office Code Pro is a customized version of Source Code pro, with customizations specifically made for code editors. Designed by Nathan Rutzky. Download here: Office Code Pro. Hack is a font-family that has been designed for writing source code. Packaged with Bold, Italic and Regular variants.

Created by Chris Simpkins. Download here: Hack Mono. This is the monospaced variant of the distinctive Ubuntu font-fmaily. Created by Ubuntu. Download here: Ubuntu Mono Font. Based on the original design of Bitstream Vera font family, DejaVu Mono is a collaborative effort to maintain and add new characters to the popular typeface. Download here: DejaVu Mono. Created by Steve Matteson.

Download here: Droid Sans Mono. BP Mono is monospaced font designed for coding. Created by George Triantafyllakos. Download here: BP Mono. Anonymous Pro is a family of four fixed-width fonts designed for coding. Designed by Mark Simonson.

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Download here: Anonymous Pro. Designed by Belluzj.

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Download here: Fantasque Sans Mono. All of the above fonts have been confirmed as being free at the time of publishing, if that ever changes, please let us know in the comments below. Also, most of the fonts can be used in both your personal and commercial works, others you can only use in personal projects, so please do check the chosen license of each font before you do use them. Free Serif Fonts Serifs are defined by the small lines or decorative features that trail from the edges of each letter and number.

Designed by Sol Matas. Created by ParaType. Ayres Serif Free Ayres Serif includes ligatures and alternate glyphs.

Created by Mariel Gornati. Magnifika Envato Elements Magnifika is inspired by vintage lettering with lowercases and also a bit of a victorian flair. Download here: Magnifika Download Rhytmic Dances Envato Elements With a salute to daily handwriting, Rhythmic Dances is based on handwriting with an added sense of caligraphic flair. Designed by Altipo Fonts.