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If you are using german regional settings you have to use semicolon ; instead of comma , in your csv for the double click to work With "," as delimiter it opened everything in one column with double-click. With ";" as delimiter it was imported correctly except for the multi-line text fields, which were imported as several records.

None of the suggested solutions worked for me.

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What actually works with any encoding: Didn't work for me. In my case this worked, in a way: This worked, any ideas why it doesn't work when importing the csv from excel? I can confirm that this works, you can even paste more data in different sheets without repeating the "text to columns" command. This is useful if you need to import several files. Unbelievably, it does work! I have finally found the problem! Thanks everyone for all your suggestions! A really good find. The exact same doc imports fine in Google Docs. How frustrating. BTW, there is no such thing as a "Unicode" encoded text file.

Thanks for the solution. I was still curious what the answer is so I tried creating a csv with a line break in Excel and seeing what it saved. I turns out Excel uses only a line feed for a new line in a cell.

Excel does use both to terminate a row. This adds newlines instead of line breaks. It wil be listed in the drop down menu for formats under "Specialty Formats". I don't have Excel , but I have Excel , and the example given: So all the details that I've been able to gather to get this to work are: You must use a comma or a semicolon separator, but not the one that is the decimal separator in your Regional Settings.

Perhaps other characters work, but I don't know which. You must quote fields that contain a newline with the " character. You must double-click the file to open it, importing data from text doesn't work.

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Hope this helps someone. Also, the trick mentioned by sdplus seems to work!

I think what happens is that when you first paste and do a "text to columns" maneuver, you're configuring the quoting and field separator stuff in Excel. The second time you paste, it uses this configuration, and splits the data correctly into columns based on the configuration.

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But this seems to be a very manual approach. Your trick really seems to work. But it looks like the semicolon has nothing to do with the solution. The problem is, that Excel treats CSV files differently, depending on regional settings.

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I'm from Germany, and for me CSV files from Excel always have semicolons instead of commas the reason for this is, that in Germany the decimal seperator is comma instead of point. The real solution seems to be, that Excel loads CSV files totally different than all other text files.

So CSV files that contains line breaks in between quotations seems to work. Martini, yes, I have Norwegian Excel and we also use comma as the decimal separator, so I've mentioned how this depends on the regional settings though I referred to it as the locale. Perhaps I should rephrase for clarity.

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This is the answer for all people in regions where comma is the decimal separator. Long Answer As mentioned newline characters are supported inside CSV fields but Excel doesn't always handle them gracefully. Name,Title,Description "John","Mr. Jeremy Jeremy 51 1.

I agree, however, I don't have any leading spaces in my output. Any ideas? I ran into this problem also. It turns out that Excel requires: Iventio Iventio 41 2. Aaron Dake Aaron Dake 1 4. This did not work for me. If anyone stumbling across this thread and is looking for a definitive answer here goes credit to the person mentioning LibreOffice: Rock Rico Rock Rico 31 1.

My experience with Excel on WinXP with French regional settings the separator of your imported csv must correspond to the list separator of your regional settings ; in my case you must double click on the file from the explorer. Kirby 9, 6 62 So I did the following - 1.

Comment Personnalisé le Format des Dates dans EXCEL

Dibs Dibs 62 3 Martin Martin 1. This worked on Mac, using csv and opening the file in Excel.

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Using python to write the csv file. Tim Tim 5, 1 6 Ionut Ionut 81 8. Skip to content Home Uncategorized Saut de ligne excel sur mac. Online Customizable Applications One of the easy way is a copy all of the spreadsheet contents in a column to a text editor that is capable of replacing regex. Long Answer. Remove carriage returns with Text Toolkit Base says: March 4, at 3: February 24, at March 4, at 5: Santosh adding a new line character shouldn't be hard if you have a constant character to key off of. Short Answer? Post navigation. Comment tenir des statistiques d'impression, et rendre compte de l'utilisation de l'imprimante.

Les instructions accompagnant l'imprimante, l'ordinateur, ou les deux, devraient parfaitement vous renseigner. Vous apprendrez comment faire un peu plus loin dans ce chapitre. Utilisez celui des deux qui fonctionne. Editez le fichier de configuration de votre noyau. Dans certains cas, positionner le port en mode scrutation sous FreeBSD n'est pas suffisant. Consultez lptcontrol 8 pour obtenir plus d'informations. Pour tester l'imprimante, nous allons lui envoyer du texte. Passez en root avec su 1. Si l'imprimante peut sortir du texte simple, alors utilisez lptest 1.

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I am writing here because I can''t find answers to some of my questions. Thank you! Vous pouvez archiver vos commandes. Thanks man. So far after updating my macOS everything went smoothly and I have been loving it so far. Thank you for your feedback!