Importing thunderbird into mac mail

How to Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to Apple Mac Mail for OS X Mail ?

Shutdown Thunderbird and simply copy all the Thunderbird emails from the stored location to an external device then paste that files to Mac Machine.

Mac mail will start importing the emails. The emails will appear as " Imported mail ". Go to "Mailbox" on the menu and select "Rebuild" to ensure no corruption.

  1. How to Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to Apple Mac Mail for OS X Mail ?.
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You have to select each mail folder to be able to rebuild it. Quit Mac Mail and restart. Now your Thunderbird email messages are present along with existed Mac Mail messages.

Import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Sep 21, - Steps to Import Thunderbird mail to Mac mail. Find out reliable method to move Mozilla Thunderbird emails to Apple Mac mail. Also, explore the. Aug 5, - I attempted the Apple mail Thunderbird import where I could point it to file name – the mac will want you to confirm this, click YES.

Unfortunately, this process is lengthy time consuming and exactly not a professional solution. Using a tool to transfer the Thunderbird emails to Mac Mail email client is the smart and best solution.

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Try Now Buy Now. Here you will get two methods, one is a manual process and the other is third-party software to get the job done. Do you have any suggestion? In a previous article we talked about mounting a Window share. I read entire post carefully and found that it is informative for end users.

Compatible with all Windows Machine - Win 10, 8, 7, Vista, etc. Reliable method to move email data from Thunderbird into Mac Mail Supports every version of Outlook MSG files Easily convert thousands of emails in one go It provides safe and secure conversion.

I cannot get my Mac OS X mailboxes imported by Thunderbird.

Preserve original folder structure of email messages Convert Thunderbird email messages including Metadata, Images, Attachment data, Hyperlinks, HTML Layout, and Unread and read status It's a window based tool so anyone can use Functionality of the tool is awesome Preserve, support and recognize Unicode content emails which are in various foreign languages. Office emails are normally handled in Outlook on Windows Live Mail, while for Mac, you have a different email system by Apple, that caters to a different email format.

Importing/Exporting OSX mail

If you happen to use Thunderbird as the client for your office emails on your Windows PC, then this migration is simple as Thunderbird offers the same application for Mac, but if you are on Windows Live Mail, you will need to change the file format so it can be read on your Mac. In this quick guide, we will share how you can import Windows Email with.

Mozilla Thunderbird: Exporting Emails

We will get this done with Eml2Mbx , a simple application that will duplicate eml file and change it to mbx file. Before you can import all email files from your Windows Live Mail, first you need to download Eml2Mbx from the official download site.

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Before you can convert your files, you need to first export your email files. If you have already exported your Windows Email file to a folder in. The folder must be an empty folder. To convert.