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Best Free Synth VST AU plugins for MAC OS X

Compressors are always important when mixing. ComBear is a parallel compression plug-in, which means it blends the compressed signal back into the original signal for a bolder and more intense sound. Link to Website: waproductionsamples. From plug-in masters iZotope comes Vocal Doubler. This is usually done through double tracking, where the vocalist sings another take alongside the existing one and you blend the two together.

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The small differences and imperfections create this pleasing doubling effect. This plug-in is very easy to use by simply interacting with the visualization. You drag the position around to affect the stereo field and to introduce variations. Unexpectedly colorful and cuddly Tarabia Distortion is a distortion plug-in with two algorithms.

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Some of the plugins are different so you may still want to browse this older post as well. You can find the newer post here: The Best Free VST / AU Plugins You can find the newer post here: The Best Free VST / AU Plugins This the third and final part of my big free VST / AU plugin review. We truly have some.

Use it on synths, use it on bass sounds or drive your kicks and snares with it. Link to Website: smaolab. Reverbs can be one of the most expensive single plug-ins to buy and they can vary enormously in terms of quality and features.

EasyReverb offers a great quality space with an eclectic collection of features. It has an uncommon feature, which is called the Surface Selector. You can choose between smooth, waves, granulated, rippled, zigzag and rich zigzag. Otherwise, you can choose from 8 different spaces and there are 8 different algorithms for stereo reflections. Link to Website: vst. It has a range of three octaves and has been sampled with two microphone positions and in four different ways of playing. Each note uses up to 12 sample cycles, giving it a more natural sound.

The sound is lovely, uplifting and authentic and somehow manages to combine metallic tones, earthiness, and wide-open spaces in its playing. Spitfire Audio produce some of the deepest and most interesting orchestral libraries out there. But in the meantime, we can all enjoy an increasing range of very cool VST instruments for free.

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The interface is stripped down, gorgeous and simple with sliders for expression and dynamics and a big customizable knob that changes depending on the library. Soft Piano was the first one they released and this video explains just a tiny bit about the whole concept. You can never have enough drum kits and so here are sampled ones for you. Beat DRMR has more kits that you can poke a drum stick at.

It has a total of 2, sounds. Each kit has up to 12 sounds which can be mixed, panned and have their attack and decay adjusted. Pure Mono is a good old fashioned virtual monosynth. It has two oscillators with wavefolding and morphing, two envelopes, two LFOs and a 4-mode filter section with overdrive. This one is for Windows only but will keep you in leads and basses for as long as you want.

Top Ten Free VST Plugins for Mac & PC

Link to Website: gumroad. If you ever fancied getting into a bit of modular music-making then ModulAir could be just the ticket. It can load up to 18 modules, which you can patch together in any way you choose. I have selected Noize M4k3r and Elek7tro but you also have other interesting plugins. Certainly more agressive than Crystal, it completes well the sonic arsenal.

The famous free Yamaha DX7 emulation! The Minispillage plugin has three dedicated algo for bass drum, wood drum and hihat. After all these synths, we now need an emulation of our prefered organ : the Farfisa combo organ! ComboF gives you the sound of the Italian electric organ we all love. After the organ emulation, we need the electric piano! MrTramp 2 is the best free or not emulation of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Now you can sound like Supertramp! Breakfast in America!!

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A dedicated string synth plugin for Mac! Cheese again! Nice for plucked sounds.

Best Free VST Instruments of 12222

Just click and download. BrainStormer was one of the more pleasant surprises of , being a well optimized and highly very versatile subtractive synthesizer with additional FM synthesis and ring modulation features. Career Articles. That is why TubeAmp is a valuable addition to your toolbox. It has an uncommon feature, which is called the Surface Selector.

Thanks to the comb filter, you can generate very original sounds. A perfect free synth for bass and perc sounds. Coming from here! The best C64 Sam oldskool text to speech emulator, for all your techno voices. Coming with the demo of Zebra, the famous synth by u-He, Zebralette is a nice synth, with unusual sound, and powerful possibilities and plenty of special waveforms to play with. It has been surpassed in all domain by many other synth freeware included. But it can be useful and you can get some nice sounds out of it if you tweak it with love.

Another prehistoric virtual synth from Steinberg, this virtual bass plugin is free and available with Model E in the same package see link above. Very simple sound, can be useful.

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Freeware for Mac are rare so we take it! Another free electric piano emulation for your Mac! Perfect for deep house chords. Chip32 is a very simple plugin, perfect for your chip tune needs. You can also generate random presets! For example : the Delay Lama!

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It seems there are more effects available for free than synths. Anyone know about Synth1 on Yosemite I have installed correctly, no luck at all. I think its Mac days are over. Synth1 was recently updated to ver 1. So you might be able to see it if 32 vs 64 bit is the issue:. Actually I donno how to install these programs.